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I am not a professional. Not anywhere near it. But I like to think that some little observations I have about language and the social construction of it are worthwhile.

Some of these notes were originally written for acquaintances with no linguistic experience whatsoever, so please be patient through the explanations of basic concepts, and the simplistic tone.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Some Stuff Worth Reading

I'm feeling quite lazy this week, and I don't really want to write my own articles. But I am reading a lot of awesome languages books, which I plan to write about in the future - including a book by my favorite psycholinguistics writer Steven Pinker.

But again, I don't want to write my own stuff at this moment. So, I'm going to hand out a few suggestions for interesting articles I've found/read. Some of them are old, and some are recent, but I enjoy them all.

"Europanto" - An unintentional interlingua that's being slowly formed in Europe. Thanks to the always-awesome Sofi for showing me this!

Robbers Thwarted By Their Dialect - When you're trying to tell a clerk to "fill the bag", make sure it doesn't sound like "feel the bag".

What Defines A Language? - Thoughts on national and ethnic boundaries, and how they affect the language VS dialect debate.

Five Reasons To Learn A New Language - 'Nuff said.

German Under Attack By English? - I know this phenomenon is happening in so many languages, not just German, but I feel particularly said at the prospect that German might morph massively with English one day. I know I've said I don't mind language change - I don't. But when that change is "let's all make ourselves more like English"...

An Introductory Lesson In Volapük - This is one of those languages I know nothing about. Fun time!

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