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I am not a professional. Not anywhere near it. But I like to think that some little observations I have about language and the social construction of it are worthwhile.

Some of these notes were originally written for acquaintances with no linguistic experience whatsoever, so please be patient through the explanations of basic concepts, and the simplistic tone.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Songs In Languages I Don't Speak - Round 11: Sanie Cu Zurgălăi

L.I.D.S.: Romanian!

First, I adore this song, and this singer is wonderful. She has a well-controlled operatic tone.

Second, it was said over at 37 Languages that "if you were to play any random Eastern European language and Italian at the same time then you'd have Romanian". From the multiple Romanian songs I've been listening to, and text I've been looking at, that seems pretty damn accurate. Specifically, throw any Balto-Slavic language and Italian into a blender, add a hint of Portuguese, and you've got Romanian.

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