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I am not a professional. Not anywhere near it. But I like to think that some little observations I have about language and the social construction of it are worthwhile.

Some of these notes were originally written for acquaintances with no linguistic experience whatsoever, so please be patient through the explanations of basic concepts, and the simplistic tone.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Forgive Me - And What's New On Wednesdays

I really am sorry I've let the blog gather dust for so long. Life's been incredibly hectic lately, with school, choir, acting, and everything else just crashing back at once. Stress has been limiting my ability to think about language.

And, as you've probably noticed, I haven't been doing Songs In Languages I Don't Speak. That's because of business, but also because I'm a little tired of looking for great songs in new languages. I do still listen to music that's 90% in non-English languages, but the problem is that they tend to be the same language. A lot of German, a lot of French, a lot of Finnish and Hungarian. And I don't want to just search "*X language* folk music" at the last minute because I haven't prepared.

So, until further notice, Songs In Languages I Don't Speak is going on hold for a while.

However, that doesn't mean that there will be nothing on Wednesdays. I've been looking at create language games on websites like Quia and Sporcle, and since I know games are a fun way to either practice the language you're learning or take a glance at a new language, I've decided to link some of my favorite language games on Wednesdays.

Again, I'll try to be as diverse as possible, but I want to work with what's on the websites.

So thank you for being patient about my absence, and looks forward to Wednesday Game Time!

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